Members of Summit Ridge tour Casas Alitas

…for I was a stranger and you welcomed me…”

Recently a group from Summit Ridge was able to visit the Casas Alitas Program in their newly renovated building and see the many ways they are providing aid and assistance to migrant families.  These are families who have been released from ICE or Border Patrol detention into our community and are provided a safe, welcome, short term place to stay until they are able to be reunited to family or sponsors across the country.

We were given a tour by one of 500 volunteers who assist at the shelter throughout the year.   We began at the same door the guests are dropped off and walked through the shelter to see their private rooms, dining room, kitchen area, chapel, clothing room, play room, arts/craft room, the travel room, an outdoor area for the children to play hoops or ride bikes and another outdoor area where they are growing vegetables and herbs.

Our eyes were certainly opened as our guide shared stories of the families and we read notes and saw pictures children had written and hung up throughout the shelter.   I believe we all left with many ideas about how can we help, how can we assist these families?  Where can I make a difference in the lives of these mothers, fathers, and their children?   I’m looking forward to many conversations and plans for us at Summit Ridge to begin a partnership with Casa Alitas in 2020.  Stay tuned!

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